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Three of the seven water firms ready to lift hosepipe bans, thanks to the April showers by Rohina Ansari
Thames Water, Anglian Water and Southern Water are ready to lift their temporary hosepipe bans following the tremendous April, May...
The two areas in UK that prices still go up during recession. by salar golestanian
During the last few years the average house prices have risen in just two local authority areas since the UK's property boom peake...
UK Job fears scare off house buyers as house prices slide by salar golestanian
British house prices unexpectedly fell by 0.2 per cent in January for the second month in a row in January.
The Greek election produced a knife-edge result had its first casualty by Rohina Ansari
Greece's finance minister resigned on Monday due t...
World Bank alerts the developing world after Eurozone crisis by Rohina Ansari
The recent World Bank report suggests developing n...
Euro Crisis: Spain says Euro can Finish in Months by Rohina Ansari
Spain warns euro can be finished in months –...
London Underground Stations to get Free Wi-Fi Services by Rohina Ansari
London Transport and Virgin Media have named first 80 busiest and major underground stations in London which are all set to receiv...
The UK is now in recession and much closer to a double-dip recession by salar golestanian
The UK economy shrank for the last three months of 2011 - BCC predicts that growth will be flat this year
House prices show a fall by 1.3% in 2011 by salar golestanian
Halifax index also shows a 0.9% decline in December 2011 and predicts a broadly stable 2012 … providing the UK can avoid th...

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Finding high quality properties to buy or to rent in UK and around the world has become easier. Here in we would like to bring you news and property related resources all in one portal. On your PC or iPhone and Android or Tablet device. is an easy to remember web address  and with high quality content being added every day. Property Investors can also find the leading Estate Agents and Letting Agents in UK & overseas property hotspots.

Properties At we plan to bring you the best Search Engines to do with Property sale, rent or overseas properties under one roof. You can search our own database or RightMove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation all under one page in an easy way so to see practically all the properties available for rent or buy in UK and Overseas.

UK is rich in web solutions for all kinds of property related product, services and searches. In fact so many different sites come up in every related search terms in Google that it is rather difficult to count them or to work out what differentiates between them. Although this market is huge, But so is the number of people looking for solutions on daily basis that run into millions, This has created a marketplace that buyers don't necessary find the right solution best fit to their requirements.

In we intend to go a few steps further and either try and give you what you want - or put you in the right directions by pointing you to the best solution offered by other providers.

Iphone & SmartPhonesMobile App is also available in your iPhone/iPod App Store. As well as Android App Store, Please Search for "Salaro" or "DNN" or "All about properties" and install it. This is for UK and International properties to by or to rent.  Same App is also developed for Android and when the windows mobile 8 also gets popular we intend to develop the app for that device operating system.

Next Phase - We have just had a update with our collaboration with to show you their portfolio. Our next task is to allow any small agent to list with us as well as allowing their listing to be fed into propertyindex for larger view by affiliated sites. 

Allowing you to advertise your Property for sale or Rent - is our next big application. We think that some property sellers or property landlords may want to advertise their properties in an inexpensive way. We are close to completing the application and hope to roll it out for Q1 in 2012. Where for a 2 weeks period all properties can be advertised for free and after that for a low fee of just £1 per week.
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UK Properties - If you are selling a property? or just Looking for Properties for investment or a just purchasing your first home? We can help you get in touch with the leading Estate Agents and Letting Agents in the UK and abroad. At we are collaboration with and subscribe to their large database of properties in UK and Overseas. Our main objectives are to provide a unique advertising platform for Estate Agents, Letting Agents, Private Sellers, and Landlords to enable them to market properties to a worldwide audience. As well as personal property sale or if you are a landlord with a room or property to let.

Services by our International/Overseas section, we can help you find your ideal new-build home anywhere in the property hotspots around the world. We have traditionally had a lot of data on Spanish and Dubai properties. However, after the collapse of these markets, the Investors are still able to find great opportunities. We have the hottest news that can affect your property investments. We are in the process of building a great social networking platform so you can communicate and discuss these matters further with a unique ability to create projects and get people involved.

Selling Property with or without an agent. Most new and second hand properties are still selling if the price is right, although it can be said that there are not the number of buyers around as there was a few years ago, yet those that are around are finding great buys. Please be assured that we can help you to identify the best investment opportunities.

The way property is marketed in the UK and abroad is constantly changing. If you are looking to buy abroad or if you are a real estate investor then we intend to bring you the widest worldwide selection of Hot overseas International Properties to invest. We also have provided you the best way of searching for properties in our Global Search so that Right Move, ZooplaPrimeLocation and more... is also accessible through our search page. All Search

Overseas Properties - This is where we intend to develop more DIY tools for International Sellers and Landlords. Currently the database provided by PropertyIndex include villas, apartments, ski chalets, off-plan property, retail space, lodges, retirement property, new-build homes, land plots, golf property, chateaux, houses, beach property, commercial real estate, bungalows and investment property in a range of overseas property hotspots.

Whether you are looking for beach villas in Spain; ski chalets in France; golf property in the Algarve; or luxury apartments in Turkey, start browsing today. However, once our own web application is completed then you can also search the list as due to the DIY nature of the data, it is likely to be fairly low cost option when you are looking to rent or to buy.
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Searching for a property in UK is fairly traditional; most people buy their property either within a 10 miles radius of their existing property or close to the place of work. This means they know what has come up recently by checking their local paper every week. Small percentage of buyers go further due to change of job and they end up doing a weekend trip to visit all the estate agents and go back home and wait till something good is passed to them.

Global Search by the last few years RightMove has proved too strong for other property portals to be able to compete and slowly Right-Move's market share has grown. Therefore, in the last few years they have dominated web search for UK properties for sale or for rent.

Recently Zoopla has been trying hard to take a bigger slice of the Property Search market, and their Property Valuation tool has proved to be successful.  

Recently the unique visitors to rose following the acquisition of the Propertyfinder Group; Zoopla Ltd now controls the 3rd and 4th most-visited online property businesses in the UK which it is shortly to integrate onto a single technology platform and combined offering to agents.

Search market PrimeLocation has remain steady. These searches are too reliant on big Estate Agents that are feeding their database and therefore they don't have a totally unbiased view to list all within your search criteria.  This is due to the very strong loyalty between their traditional users.  In terms of year-on-year growth rate, tops comScore’s list: with . 117 percent increase. at number two has 59 percent, and number 3 is with 45 percent, and finally with 33 percent. However,  when it comes to relative market share, is still in front, while is just behind
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  1. 44 percent
  2. 22 percent
  3. 21 percent
  4. 13 percent

At we recognise that we will not be able to compete with the three big players. However, we can provide a one stop shop and application to allow you to search all of the available databases without the associated Politics. Like our iPhone and Android App we intend to bring search to SmartPhone users since it is clear that the number of Mobile users are taking over the desktop users for web browsing. We are committed to bringing you the best in the Property hot spots for sale or rent worldwide from private sellers, landlords, and the listings for very best Agents worldwide Between the other players in the UK All Search
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Two years ago we built a manual facility for anyone to list your property for sale or rent for free. However, after only one year, we had to end the process mainly because we mostly had Estate Agents with properties that are difficult to move asking us to advertise them by on our database.  Probably this was just too good to offer the no fees, no commission, and on top of that we also offered to assisted them you with uploading the property. Whilst this was just too good an offer to pass on – it proved impossible for us to maintain. At one point we were astonished at the number of properties mainly estate agents in Spain, Turkey and Bulgaria were asking us to put up on

To buy or let by abandoned the manual process last year and we have been building a brand new application to allow one to upload any property for sale or to rent free for 2 weeks. After that the cost is very reasonable at £1 GBP per week. There will also be add-on enhancements to a basic property listing in the future. Add-ons such as one's own eye catching 'For Sale Board', professional photography, floor plans, and even a video tour by end of 2012.

Listing your property will be very simple, all you need to do is register at, and you can begin listing as many properties as you like for free. The beta site is being tested now and we have made it very easy for you. You can even email us your properties and within 24 hours we upload it for you. You can list your own property for sale or rent on for free!! But just for two weeks and beyond that it will be at the low cost of £1 per week. Here is what we plan to do:-
  1. Register on our
  2. Complete the form advertising your first property
  3. Upload up to 4 photographs of your property for sale or for rental
Once the entry approved within a few hours, it will appear on the site and become searchable.
Enjoy the free 2 weeks of advertisement and if your property is still not shifted, you can continue the advertisement for a further 2 weeks at just £1 GBP.

As soon as the let and sale application is rolled out later in the year we will have add-on enhancements to your basic property listing up just a months after that. We have already in conversations with a number of UK providers for the add-ons such as our own eye catching 'For Sale Board', 'Professional Photography', 'Floor Plans', and even a 'Video Tour'.
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iphone appWe are very proud to have produced a new iPhone app for mobile property searches. This Application is designed to work in conjunction with our iphone and smart phone optimised portal at This module allows you to search for properties in UK and Overseas from our expanding database of properties in UK or Internationally. The App will also be made available for Android.

This Application is available for free Apple App Store and is designed to allow you with an easy method of checking to find Properties for sale as well as properties to rent. There are over 300,000 UK and International properties for sale and rent. The app works in a similar way to the iphone site, placing huge range of properties in your pocket. Property particulars are listed along with images of the interior and the contact details of the agent, with an email or telephone call only a tap away.

iPhone App is available in your iPhone/iPod App Store. Please Search for "Salaro" or "DNN" or "All about properties" and install it. This is for UK and International properties to buy or to rent.

Same application is also available for Android users. Just search for Salaro in Android App Centre and you will find it there. We plan to also produce an HTML5 version of the app so that it can be fully compatible with any mobile device including the Microsoft Mobile OS.
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